Comprehensive hospitality experience will enrich your space through the design and furnishing of integrated, functional spaces that connect your brand to the experience you provide, flowing seamlessly from one space to the next.


We bring commercial developments to life. We are trusted to help people tell stories in both commercial and public environments through the exceptional, innovative design of spaces that customers dream of experiencing and loath to leave behind.

Who We Are?

We are mavericks. We are visionaries. We are bold.

At Muse Co, we like to think of ourselves as the soul-givers of the property world. We take structures and make them hives of life. Our passion? Helping our clients discover their innate creativity by inspiring them with the immense possibilities that exist for their next creation.

From hotels and resorts to restaurants and clubs, Muse Co strives to help our clients envision and deliver beautiful, unique experiences for their customers.

We are a small but dedicated team of hardworking professionals driven to achieve the perfect balance of creating stunning spaces through diligent project management, outstanding communication and excellent service.

We pride ourselves on our ability to match our innate creativity with a bulletproof process that ensures your project is delivered on time and on budget.

Our Process!

Muse Co’s tried and tested process is the bedrock of our success.

1. Client Brief

Your time to shine. This might be the first step, but it is perhaps the most important. Share with us your dreams for your project, or allow us to inspire you. Once we know your vision, we begin to plot the path to achieving it.

2. Design

Our experienced designers work within the boundaries of your brief to deliver a range of solutions that tick all your boxes. From look and feel to cost and delivery.  

3. Prototyping

We want you to experience your space as your own clients and customer will. Depending on your budget, designs can be presented as a 3D render with full colour selections, ensuring you get the most accurate representation of the finished product. We also prototype key, custom pieces of furniture so that you truly understand the product before you order it. Need a sample room created that you can physically enter? We can do that to.

4. Manufacturing

Muse Co’s manufacturing capability sets us apart from our competitors. With a direct interest in our manufacturing partners, both in Australia and overseas, our control over the manufacturing process is second to none. What does that mean for you? Clear timelines and exceptional quality assurance.

5. Delivery & Installation

All your logistic requirements are covered. We collate and manage delivery of all pieces and carry out installation with our expert team of staff and contractors. Working within your business schedule, we deliver on time and on budget.

6. Storage & Warehouse

Muse Co’s extensive storage capabilities means your old furniture is no longer your headache. We manage every aspect of the logistics and storage of your order – from the removal of the old to the storage of the new until installation is ready to happen.

Recent Projects

Muse Co has successfully delivered projects all over Australia.

Let’s Bring Your Venue To Life